About Us

Without a goal, man perishes!

My goal is to give serious building owners problem-free, energy-saving, cool white roofs. Hundreds and thousands of business owners and operators have chosen acrylic polymer coatings to permanently fix leaks, add life to their roofs, and immediately increase energy cost savings. Plus, roof coatings are an affordable investment in their property.

Roof coatings cost half as much as fully replacing a roof. If you investigated roof coatings, you would undoubtedly come across the name Conklin. They are the original innovators in the field, and are still leading the way even today!

Should they ever be damaged, Conklin roofs are very easy to repair.

How do white roofs work?

They reflect the sun's rays. A dark roof actually attracts heat.

Where do roofs leak the most? At the seams.

With Conklin's proven track record, we will give you an entirely seamless roof system with up to a 15 year, non-prorated warranty.

See for yourself.

Conklin has solutions for your roof, whatever type it may be. With over a 30 year track record, covering over 2 billon square feet, we've got your roofing needs covered.

My goal is to help you in any way I possibly can, and be an asset to your business. I am available 24/6, unless serious need should arise!

I will also inspect your roof once yearly, clean drains, gutters, and water scburts for a small fee.

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